Monday, June 8, 2015

BFFs - At Least For a Day

I'm okay with pretty much every holiday. Which is not to say that I like all of them, but that I'm okay with them existing. I mean... There are a lot of holidays that I know exist but I don't take advantage of - some on purpose, some because they're not relevant to me.

For instance, I know about a lot of Jewish holidays, but I'm Roman Catholic, so they really don't apply to me. I also know about a lot of Roman Catholic holidays, but the Church and I don't see each other very often, so most of those holidays don't really make it onto my engagement calendar, either.

Father's Day? Sure. Easter? Got it. Arbor Day? I've planted a tree or two. Valentine's Day? Yeah... Okay... I admit that aside from the candy it never really mattered to me until I had someone to celebrate it with, but I didn't dislike it or pour black paint on anyone celebrating.

New Year's Eve I'm not sure I understand. I mean... Sure, we get to buy and hang a new calendar once each year. That's cool. But why does everyone make such a big deal about an arbitrary day, which - around here - is usually FRIGID and really not a great evening to leave the house?

And Halloween is one that I really wish would just go away. I'm not a fan of kids begging at my door. I'm also not a fan of people going out and being crazy and wreaking "sanctioned" drunken havoc. (See also "St. Patrick's Day.")

These days, though, in the world of social media, I'm constantly reminded of other "holidays." Last week we had "National Donut Day" (which, although I talked about it the day before, I completely forgot). There's a "National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day" and a "Sweetest Day" and a "Secretaries' Day" (sorry... that's now "Administrative Professionals' Day").

Today, I was informed by my Internet, is "Best Friend Day." I'm sure someone thought it was a great idea. But how many people really have a singular best friend? Or - better yet - how many people have a best friend, but are not that friend's best friend? (In other words, Abe's best friend is Ben, but Ben's best friend is not Abe, it's Caleb.) How awkward is that conversation going to be when it shows up for all to see on social media?

How many best friends do you suppose are re-evaluating their relationships today?

Personally, I think we need to leave the relationship "holidays" off the calendar. Celebrate the donuts, and the administrative professionals, and even the Halloweenies, but let us all keep our friendships - best or otherwise - in the personal realm where they belong.

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