Friday, June 19, 2015

Basement Bathroom Reno, Part 5 - Dust Starts to Clear

You might remember that in the last post about the renovation I showed you how much of the basement is currently "walled off" by plastic sheeting. Well, we did that for two reasons: concrete dust and drywall dust. 

In the past photos, you've seen how they jackhammered out part of the floor to work on some of the pipes. Well, now you can see why we were worried about the drywall dust. 

(For the record, these photos were taken a little over 2 weeks ago... I'm a little behind on updating you because I was worried about jinxing the process.)

When drywall (sheetrock, technically, I think) goes up, it is a multi-step process. The sheets are screwed into the studs, then there is a "tape" applied to the seams. Then everything is "mudded" to glue it all together. 

So far, that doesn't really cause too much dust - unless the person doing it is mixing it all too fast, and then it does the whole "turning the mixer on too high with flour in it" thing. The dust comes in the next day, when the mud all gets sanded down. Even with all of our precautions, there was still a fine coating of dust on pretty much the entire house by the time all was said and done. 

But enough with the words, here are some pictures: 

It's my new shower! Or at least 2 walls of it. Like the bulb hanging from the ceiling? Sadly, that's almost what it was like in the old configuration - a bare floodlight was simply in the ceiling above the shower...
The wall where the toilet and sink will go. The washer and dryer are on the other side of the wall - thankfully no longer visible!
It's my slightly-larger window! And - you can sort of see it in this picture, but you kind of have to know what to look for - there is now a raised section of ceiling, so that there is more window visible. (The old ceiling came about halfway down the window.) If you scroll back up to the first photo, you'll see how much extra height we get.
If I can remind myself to transfer photos from my camera, I'll try to get you a bit more up to speed in the coming days.

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