Friday, March 1, 2013

The Friday Wall

I know that a lot of people dread Mondays (or whatever days their workweeks start on). They don't like the idea of starting out a new workweek. They're upset about the weekend ending. They hate getting back to the grind.

I am *totally* with those people. (Which is why, occasionally, I play the lottery.) But I don't think Monday is the worst part of the workweek.

For me, Friday afternoon - beginning about an hour after lunch - is the worst part of the week.

Sure, there is the anticipation of being *this close* to the weekend. And there's the feeling of impending freedom. And - for a lot of people - the excitement of a frosty cold beverage in hand as soon as the clock strikes 5.

But while I love to think about the coming weekend, freedom, and frosty beverages, I frequently find it incredibly hard to deal with the afternoon that comes before all of those things.

Friday afternoon is when you get to that point where you're pretty sure that every last brain cell has already been used. It's when you're either rushing to finish a project (and are probably putting errors into it because you're rushing - let's be honest), or you've just finished a project and really don't have enough time left in the week to get a decent start on something new.

And it's when those of us who usually feel beyond the age of "I'm going out to party after work!" begin to feel just a little guilty about not wanting to go out to party after work.

I would suspect that Friday afternoons generate the highest number of nuisance calls to IT departments, the largest spikes in non-work-related Internet usage, and the greatest number of trips to the bathroom/hallway/smoking area/vending machines of any time of week.

They might even inspire the most blog posts written while their authors were "on a break - no, really." (Although I'm not sure I have any facts to back that up... Nope... No facts about that around here...)

So here's to the weekend - which I think is only another 742 hours away (give or take).

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