Sunday, March 3, 2013


After a mostly sunny weekend, we're being warned that the next 48 hours could get "messy" due to snow. (No, really. That's what the weatherman said on one of the local stations - it was above "mild" but below "major" on his "snow threat level" chart.)

It's funny, though. As much as everyone I know is getting tired of snow and looking forward to spring (which, granted, is not the opinion of everyone in Minnesota - just most of the people I know), we've also gotten kind of blase about it.

Right now, I think they're predicting anywhere from 5 to 12 inches of snow could fall in the Twin Cities metropolitan area between tonight and Tuesday. And although we're seeing the big Winter Storm Watch stuff on TV, mostly they're just saying "the commutes on Monday and Tuesday could be slower than usual."

Maybe it's because, at the very least, this means that the next few days won't be foggy.

Maybe it's because we're supposed to be above freezing during most of the storm and into the latter part of the week - which is a move in the right direction even with snow in the forecast.

Maybe it's just because we're tired of weatherpeople crying "wolf" and us coming up with 3 inches when they've predicted 2 feet.

All I know for sure is that I'll be getting up tomorrow and trying to leave at least a little early to deal with traffic. Not snow traffic, but just Monday commute traffic.

And when I come home tomorrow night I'll put out the recycling, walk the dog, and prepare for Tuesday's still-snowy commute - during which I suspect I'll be dreaming of spring.

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