Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Expectations Versus Reality

We may have discussed, in the past, the fact that I eat PopTarts for breakfast pretty much every day at work. I have a toaster on a small table behind my desk specifically for this reason. It doesn't have a PopTarts setting, but I use it, anyway. (Yes, they do make toasters with PopTarts settings.)

My favorite PopTarts are unfrosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon, but those are really hard to find. So I usually have frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon at work. And either frosted or unfrosted Strawberry. And then something with chocolate - Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough are two of my fallbacks.

This week, though, I decided to try the new Oatmeal Delights "Mapley Brown Sugar" PopTarts. They sounded really interesting. Kind of like warm oatmeal with brown sugar and maple syrup. So I bought some and took them to work and tried them, today.

They smelled amazing when they were in the toaster. Basically, they smelled like... well... brown sugar maple oatmeal. And they tasted like - no surprises, here - brown sugar maple oatmeal.

So I should be happy, right?

The problem is that somehow, in my brain, I had come to expect cinnamon. There was no mention of cinnamon anywhere on the packaging, but I had gotten it in my head that there would be cinnamon - I think because the other brown sugar PopTarts I've had have always had cinnamon. But these have maple, instead.

Reality did not meet Expectation, today.

Of course, with PopTarts, there's more than one breakfast in each box. We'll have to see how the next tasting goes. Perhaps my Expectations will be more Realistic, and my outcome will be more interesting.

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