Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Travel Tuesday - Temptation

If you live in many areas of the United States at the moment, you know that winter just won't go away.

And I know it's not just Minnesota. I've been seeing all sorts of pictures of snow and nasty weather from the Eastern Seaboard.

But since I live in Minneapolis, that's my whiny point of reference.

You see, tomorrow - the first day of spring - is supposed to have a high of 18 degrees. That is the coldest first day of spring since 1965. That's a high which is colder than our average LOW temperature for that date. And we're not even supposed to get UP TO freezing until sometime next weekend - if we're lucky. (The average highs are supposed to be nearing 50.)

In the meantime, I keep getting emails and online ads for warm and sunny places. The Disney companies are hitting me from Florida, California, and Hawaii - as well as Paris. The airlines want me to go on Spring Break. There's a new hotel in NYC (not tropical, but warmer than here!) that wants my business.

All while I'm wrapped in an afghan on the couch, trying to remember if my slippers are upstairs or downstairs. I've been contemplating a night in a hotel - just so I can turn up the heat in the room and not worry about the furnace bill. In the meantime, I'm not complaining when the pup decides to snuggle between Christopher and me - since it means more heat.

I've found myself daydreaming about wearing shorts. I'm starting to mentally plan what I'm going to do in the yard and garden this year. And I've also been wondering what the gardens might look like somewhere near the Equator.

I'm incredibly tempted to wipe out my savings and buy a plane ticket - any plane ticket. But if I went somewhere where everything is already warm and green I'd miss the thrill of watching the snow finally go away and the trees and grass turning green and things starting to grow again.

And I really do love spring. I just hope it comes, soon - before the temptation to travel becomes too strong to fight.

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