Thursday, March 7, 2013

Updated Expectations

So I gave the Mapley Brown Sugar Oatmeal Delights PopTarts another chance, today.

This time, I made sure to think about them as "Mapley" instead of "Cinnamony."

They smelled just as good as they did the other day. And, once again, my officemates commented on how much it smelled like I was making oatmeal in the office.

And this time when I bit into them, I reminded myself that they were not going to taste like Brown Sugar Cinnamon PopTarts.

And, you know, they were okay. They tasted like instant maple brown sugar oatmeal. Which is pretty amazing, considering they are PopTarts.

Unfortunately, I like real maple syrup. And I *have* real maple syrup (and brown sugar) at my disposal in the house. And... well... there's a difference between the taste of manufactured maple syrup and the real stuff.

Plus - although when I tried them on Tuesday I was amused by the "streusel-like" topping on them, today I found myself kind of annoyed by how much oatmeal streusel I kept getting on my desk.

So although I'm now convinced that the PopTarts do taste like what most people will think is quite good maple brown sugar oatmeal, I don't think I'll be running out to buy any more of those. I'll probably just stick to Brown Sugar Cinnamon - now if only I could find a storehouse of those in the unfrosted variety, I'd be set.

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