Thursday, June 12, 2014

Having Words with Word

It is late. I am up way past my bedtime. But I've been doing work this evening.

Actually, the doing of the work isn't what caused me to be so late. What caused me to be up so late is the preparing to do work.

You see, my computer is a few years old, now, and Microsoft Word has gone through multiple variations since I got the version I currently have. So when I tried to open the 20-page document that I needed to work on, it wouldn't open.

It wouldn't open. And then it wouldn't open again. Or again.

I finally sent it to Christopher to open it on his computer and save as an older version of Word and re-send to me.

That worked.

But then there was something wonky with a couple of charts and each time I would do an edit in them Word would freeze and stop working. Each and every time.

Finally, I went back to an earlier version and started saving every time I made any change - no matter how small.

I'm guessing that I spent a good 45 minutes or so just fighting with the computer. The rest of the editing went pretty quickly.

But now it's way past bedtime and the only thing that is going to go quickly is the night's sleep.

Wish me luck on getting through work, tomorrow. Hopefully I won't be having words with Word again any time soon.

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