Monday, June 23, 2014

Internet Shminternet

Some days I really wish I had never learned about the Internet. And wi-fi. And laptop computers.

Christopher and I are having some weird tech issues, this evening. Which - though they were fairly quickly solved for him - took much longer to fix for me. Why? Because although my laptop isn't all that old, it's ANCIENT in computer terms.

I hate that. I hate the fact that I am now going to have to plan for a thousand-dollar expense to buy something new when the one I have is perfectly fine - it's just old.

If I were dealing with encylopedias and pens and paper, none of this would matter. If I were planning my travel with a travel agent and AAA maps and postcards, none of this would matter. If I were editing longhand with a red pen, none of this would matter.

Of course, most of those things would drive me crazy if I had to revert to them. But that's beside the point. Or maybe a different point, entirely.

I'd spend more time debating it, but I'm not sure how long my Internet connection is going to hold out...

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