Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Let There Be Cake

Christopher and I decided that we were going to have a few people over for brunch last weekend. And, since it was just after my birthday, we decided to have cake. But we also decided that it wasn't going to be a birthday brunch, since we didn't want to put any undue stress on people who were coming.

So I started looking around for cakes to order, and I stumbled across an amazing deal. One of the local grocery store chains is currently offering 1/2-sheet cakes for the price of 1/4-sheet cakes. More cake. Same price. How could I turn down that offer?

Sure. We weren't inviting nearly enough people to eat a 1/2-sheet cake. But we weren't really inviting enough people to eat a 1/4-sheet, either, so we were looking at leftovers - yummy, cakey leftovers - no matter what.

So we decided to go for the larger cake. One catch: It had to be a Graduation cake. Yep. They were only offering one design for the discounted rate. A very nice "Class of 2014 Congratulations!" cake.

We decided we were okay with that. So I went ahead with the order.

They required a name to be on the cake. As in "Congratulations, NAME!" When I mentioned that to Christopher, he jokingly suggested we put the pup's name on it. So I did.

So we celebrated her graduation last Sunday. Not sure, exactly, what she graduated from. And since the cake was chocolate she didn't get to eat any of it. But we had a nice time, just the same.

And there are still leftovers.

Let there be cake, indeed.

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