Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Hours

One of the perks in my office is that, in the summer, we can opt in for summer hours.

Typically, we work 9-5. No actual lunch breaks, just the 8 hours straight through.

Summer hours are 8-5 Monday through Thursday, then 9-1 on Friday.

In the past, I've worked regular hours through the summer, because the pup stayed in a kennel all day, and we didn't want to leave her in there any longer than necessary. But we've moved her to the kitchen, so now we don't have to worry about her cramped in the kennel all day. So I decided to try out the summer schedule.

The optional schedule started this Monday. And although it was hard to get out the door on Monday, it didn't feel that bad to do the longer day.

Tuesday night, Christopher and I went to a movie, which meant that Wednesday morning felt kind of early.

Last night, I met a friend of mine for dinner and a movie - but it was relatively early when I got home and I was still in bed pretty early.

Today, though, the day stretched on for hours. Of course, I've gotten used to getting up earlier this week, and tomorrow I don't have to work until 9.

I have the feeling that I'm going to enjoy the summer hours, overall. But, in the immediate future (such as tomorrow morning), this is going to be a little rough.

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