Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just Another IKEA Sunday

Although the mattress hunt at IKEA was a bust a couple of weeks ago, Christopher found a desk he thought he'd like for his office. So, after a couple of weeks of contemplating, we decided to go back and pick it up. 

This afternoon, we found ourselves wandering back through the store heading for the office section to figure out what we needed. And then - as can only happen at IKEA - headed for the self-serve area to pick up our boxes of flat-pack pieces and parts. 

The cart, of course, pulled to the left and didn't like going around corners. 

The small, four-drawer unit came in two packs of about 30 pounds each (though, through the miracles of flat-packing, they weighed about 80 pounds, each, when they were picked up). 

Putting the desk top into my car meant we had to slide the seats forward and avoid any quick stops to avoid decapitation. 

But we did get it all home and unloaded. And Christopher plans to put it all together next weekend. 

And there we have it: Another IKEA Sunday, some assembly required. 

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