Friday, April 19, 2013

April (Snow) Showers

I know that a lot of stuff has been in the news this week. And I know that the freaky winter weather in mid-April in the Upper Midwest really doesn't rate as all that important in comparison. But since we've all heard the "write what you know" admonitions, I offer you the following.

Things I've learned from the April 2013 weather:

1) Driving home from work through an April snowstorm is better than driving home from work through a December/January/February snowstorm because you can see what's going on around you instead of feeling totally lost in the dark.

2) Swearing at the weather doesn't make it change.

3) Watching the weather forecasts is probably the most disheartening thing you can do during weather like this. Actually, that's not true. Watching them is fine. *Believing* them is bad.

4) Even after 6+ months of winter driving, some people are still idiots on the road.

5) One of the benefits of a colder-than-average "spring" is that the trees don't leaf out early and, thus, end up losing limbs because so much snow sticks to them. Whether the budded trees will make it through tonight's record low temperature (16 degrees has been forecast) remains to be seen.

6) After a while, seeing people walk around in clothing that you know they just put on simply "because it was warm" - with no thought to how they look - makes you want to start fining them for crimes against fashion.

7) Even though it's freakin' cold and there are 7 inches of snow on the ground, once you reach a certain point in the year there are some pieces of clothing you will refuse to wear. For me, that is my "only in the coldest/wettest parts of the year" coat. I have moved to my second-heaviest coat, and mid-weight scarves.

8) After a while, all you really want to do is wear that different coat. You start looking in the closet and dreaming about wearing things you haven't seen in months. My third-heaviest coat used to get me through most of the winter in Baltimore. I suspect I'll only get to wear it for about a week this year.

9) Using the weather as a justification for continued hibernation only really works if you have thick blinds and drapes. Otherwise, it kind of feels like you're playing hooky from your life. But not in a good way.

10) April snowstorms - no matter how ugly and inconvenient - do melt away fairly quickly. The last one was completely cleared up before this one showed up. Here's hoping that this one is completely gone before the next one. (And, please, oh please, may the next snowstorm be sometime in November.)

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