Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Five Things I Have To Ask

These are a few things that I've had rumbling around in my brain, lately, and I thought I'd toss them out into the ether:

1) Why do short guys always seem to use the "tall" urinal when there are two of different heights available? As a tall guy, using the "short" urinal can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, and I always wonder about it but have never felt it was appropriate to ask at the time.

2) Why do people (at least in Minnesota) drive less than the speed of traffic in the HOV lane? Does that make sense to anyone at all?

3) Why in the world do some people walk their dogs - inside the city limits along busy streets - without having them on a leash? Do they not realize that this is dangerous for pretty much everyone involved - not the least of which is the dog?

4) Why can't you order cable channels a la carte?

5) If you've been given a sample of something (a food, a service, whatever), why would you expect the full-sized thing to be completely different? (Sorry. This one needs context, doesn't it? Let's say you've purchased a paint color and agreed that the color of green was perfect for your wall, so you ask someone to use that color to paint your house. Why would you assume that the house would, instead, turn out lavender - and, thus, complain when it's green?)

Considering it's only Tuesday, and I'm already asking questions like those, I fear it's going to be a long week.

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