Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Sweet Smell of...

Vacuuming is not one of those things that typically elicits comments of "Oh, that smells nice." Instead, it seems that vacuuming using results in comments of either "I think the vacuum is getting old, it smells hot," or "What the heck happened in here that makes it smell that way?"

This weekend, however, I was treated to a "that smells really nice" moment while cleaning up in the kitchen.

You see, a week or two ago, we had a small jar of coriander jump out of the cupboard and shatter as it glanced off the counter and plunged to the floor.

This wasn't a huge deal from a spice standpoint. It wasn't like all of our culinary endeavours were about to come to a screeching halt due to a lack of coriander. And since coriander is a relatively easy spice to purchase, we knew our state of hypocoriandrocity would end fairly quickly.

The problem, of course, is that when a "small jar of something" breaks, it's not just the "of something" that scatters around the kitchen. The "small jar" shatters, too. And we have a very curious dog, so she wanted to help us find all of the good-smelling remnants.

So we did a quick-but-thorough cleaning and surveying of the kitchen floor, followed by (pay attention - this will lead us back to the point) a run around the kitchen with the trusty cabinet-mounted Dustbuster.

And, things being as they are, we went on about our lives. More coriander was purchased. The cabinet was restocked. The trash was taken out.

Until today when, after sweeping the floors, I flipped the switch on the Dustbuster to clear up the last of the grit from the linoleum and was ever-so-pleasantly greeted by the slightly sweet, yet spicy, aroma of coriander.

Sure, I know that Baking Soda and Lemon usually win the "what scent should we put in our cleaning supplies?" contests, but honestly, I'm totally voting for coriander the next time anyone asks me.

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Robin said...

Yummy...I could go for that rather than the musty dog fur smell we get occasionally.