Thursday, April 4, 2013

A "Golden" Evening

Christopher and I are not the most spontaneous of people. We admit that. We plan. We both plan. We share an online calendar to make sure our plans are planned.

And, unfortunately, this often leads us into ruts, because when we're not planned, we tend to just do rut things - like watching TV and/or going to bed early.

This week, however, we have made our plans work for us. In a strange confluence of things, we've ended up with three decidedly non-rut events all on the calendar this week. Last night we went to see Madeleine Peyroux perform at the Dakota Jazz Club, and splurged on having dinner there, too. It was pretty great. And although we had plans for tonight, as well, I think we were both thinking last night might be hard to beat.

But then we went out to tonight's event. It was a "pre-release" screening of "Golden" for the cast and crew who worked on it. You may remember that we had a short film filmed in our house last fall. (If you don't remember, here are the posts that related to it: Before, During, and After.) And we had an amazing time hanging out with the people who were involved - even though we really had nothing to do with it except saying "yes, go ahead and use our house."

Well, the 9-minute film is now about to start making the film festival circuit (starting with the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival this month, and hopefully going all sorts of places in the very near future), and so the director opted to have a private screening of it for everyone involved.

We got there a little before 7, and it was like the start of a really great reunion. We got to see all of the great people we'd met last November, and then - after an hour or so - got to see the film. And then we schmoozed some more, followed by going out for one last drink. As we were driving home, we both admitted that getting home after 11:30 on a Wednesday night was *not* part of our original plan.

But, sometimes, even the best laid plans need to be laid aside.
"Golden," as part of the Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival, will be showing in a block of short films on Wednesday 4/17 at 7pm. You can find out more info on the film, the block of shorts it will be included in, and how to buy tickets, here on the Film Festival's website.

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