Monday, July 22, 2013

Luddite Nights

Some nights I just don't want to deal with technology. I want to simply sit in a room with a book and read.

Or sit on the couch with Christopher and do nothing but listen to music.

Just turn off the electronics and have some quiet, without all of the white noise in the background.

Of course, to sit in the room and read at night, I'd probably need a lamp.

And to listen to music, I'd probably need the stereo.

And, frankly, we've gotten so used to all of the noise, the we tend to need either a fan or a white noise generator to be able to get to sleep.

So being a total Luddite probably isn't the best course of action for me.

Even so, on those rare occasions when the TV and computers are turned off, and the phones aren't ringing, and the quietude (with or without white noise) settles in...


I kinda love those nights.

(Unfortunately, when I'm in these moods, that also makes it really hard to blog. But I promise that a brand new 8/28 Cooking Challenge is coming soon.)

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