Friday, July 12, 2013

The Ombre Hombre

(NOTE: It may help you to enjoy this posting if you know that "ombre," in fabric, is when a color gradually fades from one end of the piece of fabric to the other, like this: 

Okay. Now that that has been covered, we'll move on...)

The attire in my office is... well... casual. 

I don't mean "business casual" - you know, like khakis and polos. 

I don't even mean "casual Friday" casual, where jeans and polos are the norm. 

Nope. Ours is the kind of office where the boss comes in in cargo shorts, a t-shirt with something written on it, and flip-flops. And, you know, since all of the rest of us are allowed to do the same, it's not all bad. 

Today, though, I came walking out of an office and almost ran into one of our IT guys. After which I promptly turned around and walked back into the office so that I wouldn't say anything stupid. I was greeted by one of the office's occupants asking "Anything wrong?"

"No. Well, I just hadn't expected that."


"Have you seen what he's wearing?"

"Yeah. I'm not used to seeing guys in tank tops. Especially not at work."

"He wears those all the time," [sidenote: this guy works out a lot, so aside from the workplace thing, the tank top is otherwise not a problem] "but this one is... ombre."

"It's what?" (Okay. Yeah. I realized that I sounded pretty gay knowing that it was ombre - and pronouncing it correctly - but I am who I am.)

"Ombre. It goes from dark green at the top, and then kind of blends with his khaki shorts at the bottom." 


Sometimes I think that, maybe, a dress code couldn't hurt.

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