Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Running on Empty-ish

Earlier this week, I took my car in to fill it up. I usually fill the tank as soon as it drops below a quarter, but we were busy last weekend, and so it simply hadn't happened. By the time I got in, the needle was down to the bottom of the E. 

Pumping gas, I watched the numbers flash by, assuming that it would take somewhere between 12 and 13 gallons, since the tank holds 13 gallons. 

As I passed 13, I started to wonder a bit. When it stopped at 13.66 gallons, I realized that my previous assumption that the tank held 13 gallons would need to be revised. 

Apparently my car actually has a 14-gallon tank. 

Either that or I was literally running on fumes. 

Some weeks can be like that. 

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