Friday, August 9, 2013

Bad Quote Quotient - The Deep, Dark Kind

This one actually is from a little while ago, but I figured I needed to share it, because it was good enough that I printed it out and put it on the wall at work:

"Anya mounted the winged steed and flew into the dark, fiery abbess."

So many things to question in that.

Do they mean "flew into" as in running into someone while driving a car?

Do they mean "flew into" as in literally entered the abbess?

How is the abbess both dark and fiery?

And, yes, from context, I knew that it was supposed to be an "abyss," but that's half the fun.

Here's to the weekend - may you and your winged steed avoid any and all dark, fiery abbess-filled abysses.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Possibly the Abbess had long dark curly hair, swarthy skin and a very bad temper.