Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stuff on Top of Trucks

I don't have a camera with me most of the time I'm in the car. And my phone is small and old and can only send photos to other phones. So you'll have to take my word on what you're about to read.

Lately, I seem to be seeing all sorts of things being transported on top of cars and trucks. And some of it is a little scary.

On my way to work last week, I saw someone had tied a mattress and box spring to the top of a Suburban. And, while it was well tied down, the front of the mattress was kind of rearing up, as if it wanted to get away. I did not stay behind it any longer than I needed to, fearing the worst.

The other most interesting thing I've seen was a Pathfinder with a "stand-up" bike rack on top. And, yes, I know you're thinking "lots of people drive with bikes standing up on top of their cars." But this one had 4 bikes on top of it. The mounting rack extended about a foot beyond the roof of the car on both sides. And the bikes on the outside (there were 4, remember), were actually mounted beyond the edges of the car, as well.

I was behind this guy and his bike-antlers for a while. And I kept expecting them to tilt as he went around corners, but they didn't. The bikes actually seemed sturdy up there. I still didn't stay behind him any longer than I needed to, though.

It makes me wonder, though... If these people were able to keep mattresses and bikes on top of their cars, why did I see couch cushions and a single shoe on the side of the road today? How can bikes stay mounted to a roof, but a cushion breaks free?

And what's with the fact that you always just see *one* shoe on the side of the road?

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