Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dotting My Ts, Crossing My Eyes

Luckily, I like to read. I really do. And I like to coach people on their writing. And, really, I like to coach people on pretty much anything - I like being able to have the "mentor" role in my life from time to time.

So the work that I'm doing for the writing contest judging (we talked about that last week, right?) is a lot of fun. And - if I'm being honest - so is my day job. (Okay, so maybe "fun" isn't always the right description for my day job if I'm being super honest, but I guess it could be a lot worse.)

But, right now, along with my day job, and trying to finish up the entry judging, I'm also trying to get through a book for my book club (which is due a week from tomorrow, and which I'm only one chapter into). And then a piece of freelance work came in on Thursday, which I just finished up.

And, somewhere in there, there is vacation research to be doing (details to come), as well as looking into some things for other events coming up later this fall.

Oh - and ever since we got a new modem my Internet connection has been a bit iffy.

Luckily, the book club book and the contest entries are all hard copy, so at least the modem issues don't impact those too much. (Although I was delayed by about half an hour tonight, because I couldn't get to the freelancing I needed to download...)

Now it's almost 11, and I want to turn in the contest entries tomorrow when I see the friend of mine who gave them to me, so I have to read and respond to two more of them before bed.

I'm going to try not to dot any of my Ts (my handwriting can be hard enough to read without that), but I'm pretty sure my eyes will be crossed by the time I'm done.

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