Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ripping Off the Scab

You know how everyone always talks about how painful it is to rip off a bandage, or to tear off a scab? 

Well, I have to agree with the whole "ripping off a bandage" thing as being painful. But only because... well... the benign Seborrheic keratosis on my chest just happened to be right at the top of my chest hair. So ripping it off was a tad painful. 

On the other hand, the bandages on my chin, which covered the space where the removed benign mole had been tended to keep falling off - not painful at all. 

Tonight, when I was scratching my chin, the scab where that mole had been came off in my hand. Also no pain. 

Odds being what they are, I have the feeling that I'm going to go to trim a nail sometime in the next week and have shooting pain. 

Or maybe I'm over-thinking this.

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