Monday, September 30, 2013

A Very Monday-ish Monday

There are some things in life which simply seem predisposed to happening on a Monday. 

(And, yes, I'm strongly sticking with that being "Monday" and not simply "the first day of the workweek," because there were plenty of years when I worked on schedules which didn't actually start my week on a Monday, but Mondays still felt like Mondays.) 

Today was a definite Monday. I woke up feeling kind of "off" (this is the time of year when my seasonal allergies are in full bloom), but actually got out the door in decent time and got to work with a couple of minutes to spare. Heck, I even got to walk in with someone I like talking to, so the workday started out pretty darned well. 

But then I sat down to do work. And, yes, some of the problems do stem from the fact that clients (and potential clients, and freelancers I work with), tend to forget that just because they can contact me 7 days per week does not mean that I'll be responding 7 days per week. For that matter, if someone sends me a message (or three) at 11pm on a Tuesday night, I'm not going to respond at that point, either - even if she does copy my boss on the third message (sent at 11:28pm). So, anyway, Monday mornings always have more messages to deal with than other mornings, but that's not a big deal. 

And there's often a virtual stack of paperwork to deal with that has built up since Friday at 5. But, again, this morning was no different than any other Monday - or any other day, really. And, yet, something about today just felt very Monday-ish. 

Perhaps it was when about 85% of my co-workers all left for lunch at almost the same time. Some went to area cafes, but most went to the new Whole Foods market which just opened a couple of blocks away and apparently has "an awe-inspiring salad bar and deli." (I haven't gone there, yet, because... well... I'm cheap and I take my lunch probably 8 out of every 10 days.)

So, when everyone was coming back with their lunches, and I was sitting at my desk eating my from-home lunch, something in me twinged with that Junior High feeling of not having anyone to sit with at lunch. Which is especially weird because I used to have lunch with multiple people almost every day. In the old building we would meet up on different floors and "picnic" on the floor, just so we could be out of the office and talking about outside-of-the-office stuff. 

And that's when the serious case of the Mondays set in. 

But tomorrow is Tuesday. And I have lunch plans with someone in the office. And I'm pretty sure life is going to be better. At least it won't be Monday.

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