Saturday, September 14, 2013


There are some words that are just kind of perfect. Words that mean exactly what you think they're going to mean - and that are the only words that can describe specific situations.

Moist is one of those words. It's also a word which some people can't stand, because... well... it just sounds kind of moist.

On the other side of things, comfy is a good word, too. You know exactly how a sweater or an overstuffed chair is going to feel when someone says to you that it's comfy.

As I kind of alluded to earlier this week, Christopher and I were in Alaska for the first 9 or 10 days of September. And a lot of the time we were there the weather was cool and fairly drizzly. Our hotel rooms frequently were just a little damp, and often kind of "close" when we first walked into them.

And, yes, musty - to me - is the perfect word for describing them.

I bring that up tonight because when we walked back into the house after being out for the evening - on a cool, damp night - the house also felt musty. (Our air conditioner runs on a thermostat, so since it's cool out, the house fan hasn't been on. Hence the "must.") So, as we did on our travels, we kicked on the fan and settled in.

In situations like this, that's also a must.

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