Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bad Quote Quotient - Self-medicate at Your Own Risk

Sometimes, when authors start talking about things that they might not be experts at, and they combine that with bad punctuation, it can get a little dangerous.

I read things all the time where people are writing about topics they haven't studied. In fiction, that can be just one more "hmm... not sure about that..." moment. But in non-fiction, it can be downright hazardous to your health.

Luckily, one author whose book I recently worked on seems to have found a treatment for all kinds of dehydration - including some kinds we never thought to worry about:

Plantains are also used to treat dehydration in infants, as well as asthma and bronchitis.

I realize that, yes, this also plays into the "never leave out important words" discussion from my last Bad Quote Quotient post, but I'm also kind of intrigued by it.

I mean... does he really plan to treat dehydration in asthma by using plantains? And how often does bronchitis have a problem with its dehydration?

Ah... if only he'd added a little clarification, so that we would know that the asthma and bronchitis were actually adult illnesses that plantains might help to cure. At least I hope that's what he meant...

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