Monday, September 16, 2013

Signs of the Times

I have finally gotten my pictures off of my camera, and thought I'd share a few shots from what I was up to last week at this time. Or, well, what I was finishing up doing last week at this time.

You see, as a belated celebration of Christopher's birthday, we took a trip to Alaska at the beginning of the month. (He was born up there, but had never been back, so it seemed like the right thing to do.)

We started in Anchorage, drove around and down the Kenai Peninsula (a trip which included a Kenai Fjords cruise and time with some really cute sled dogs), and then wrapped up our trip with a few days in the Denali National Park area (our hotel/cabin was outside the park, but we spent a full day in the park, too).

So, anyway, since I haven't had a chance to organize all of my photos, I'm just giving you a few of them tonight. (Don't worry - I won't load all 500 of them into the blog, no matter what. Even I don't want to see that many of them.)

In an attempt for some sense of organization, I offer you some signage we found in Alaska which, really, could only have come from Alaska:

The Anchorage Museum takes its Musk Ox very seriously.

I really kind of wish more housing came with escape tunnels.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the mountain...

Just add "I can see Russia from here" joke.

How many times in your life can you be that close to a diorama of a continent's highest peak?

Sadly, signs combatting stupidity also exist in Alaska.

Seriously. Could this exist anywhere else?
And, yeah, those are the signs of the times we were having last week. Stay tuned for actual landscapes and things...

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