Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Accidental Hipsterism

We all know what the standard hipster looks like, right? And, of course, since hipsters started out by trying to be ahead of the pack and on the cutting edge of new trends, that statement on its own is already a little odd. 

So, anyway, let's assume you don't know what a hipster might look like. Here's a partial list of typical attributes: 

 - bearded
 - wearing a plaid shirt
 - wearing jeans - typically skinny jeans, overly styled jeans, or slightly ratty-looking jeans
 - wearing some kind of work boots that will never been worn for work or tennis shoes that will never be used for sports
 - wearing sunglasses that are big enough that they could shade a small African village

You probably also know that I work in a really casual office. For the most part, a "uniformed" hipster would be overdressed in my office. But, at the same time, I've got some plaid-ish shirts that I really like, and I usually wear tennis shoes to work. 

This time of year, I would normally be wearing shorts, but the Editing office has been frigid ever since I got back into town. So I've been wearing jeans. (You know where this is heading.)

On Monday, I broke out one of my favorite plaid shirts, pulled on some of my most broken-in jeans, and put on some tennis shoes I got before the trip (not the hiking shoes, but a pair of grey Puma tennis shoes). I don't think I ever looked in the mirror after getting dressed, I just walked the dog and headed for work. 

When I got out of my car in the parking garage, I noticed a 20-something guy getting out of his car  - huge sunglasses, beard, plaid, skinny jeans tucked into his work boots. I didn't pay much attention. 

Then I got to street level and, as I was crossing the street I noticed another guy - this one blond - with a scruffy beard, sunglasses, plaid shirt, overly-styled jeans, pink boat shoes. 

As I stood in front of the elevator to go to my office I looked at my reflection: beard, plaid, faded jeans, tennis shoes - no sunglasses, because mine are prescription so I always leave them in the car - and realized that I had accidentally hipstered myself before leaving home. 

Basically, I was wearing what I would have worn any other time - but now I looked like I was trying to fit in. 


The worst part? I looked pretty good, but now I'm unsure whether or not I can ever wear that again.

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