Friday, September 20, 2013

'Tis the Sneezin'

One of the other great things about Alaska? The fact that their first freeze happens in mid-August, which not only kills off the mosquitoes (which, having heard stories, I never want to deal with), it also kills off many of the fall allergens.

Considering that ragweed - a fall allergen - is one of my biggest sinus nemeses, this was great.

Coming back to Minnesota, however, was a shock to my schnoz. I immediately started having sinus issues with sneezing and - apparently - snoring, involved. Luckily, there was Pseudoephedrine on hand, so we're working on that.

Then, for some reason, our office has started getting a ton of air conditioning. Which is especially strange since during the hottest part of the summer we were a warm and sticky office. But, now that it has cooled off outside, we're considering renting out space as a meat storage locker. (Okay. Maybe it's not really that cold. But the thermometer we brought in has been registering the mid-60s most of the week - which is not a prime office temperature.)

What does this all mean when you put it together? It means that I've been having "Zesty Orange" Airborne-flavored water alongside my breakfast the past few days. Even so, I've been waking up with that weird feeling in my chest/nose/ears that indicates a cold is on its way.

I am not amused.

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