Saturday, July 12, 2014

Travel Envy, in Perspective

This has been an odd year for me. After Christopher and I got back from Alaska last fall, I kind of immediately started thinking of where I might go next. It's one of the ways that I get through the day-to-day at work: planning my next trip.

So we started talking about various trips, and Christopher (who gets more vacation time than I do), started planning some trips with other friends.

And then, thanks to the miracles of social media, I started seeing all of the trips friends of ours were taking. For some reason, this was a very big year for friends of mine to go to Disney parks.

Yeah... it's now July, and I'm looking at no trips outside of the Minnesota/South Dakota duo of states any time between now and next spring. That's weird for me.

But, as I was talking to a friend tonight at dinner, she mentioned that one of her bucket list items is to go to New York City. She's never been and just can't wait to be able to go there.

Since I lived in Baltimore for a number of years, New York was an easy trip to take for a day or two.

So here I am... feeling a little sorry for myself for not having a vacation this year, and hearing that someone else would give almost anything to go somewhere I've gone many times before.

It's a weird perspective. Kind of like when you're staring at something and if you close one eye you see point A, but if you close the other eye you see point B. When what you really want is to see a good way for getting to point B from point A in the first place.

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