Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday. Work-Related.

Today one of my co-workers worked her last day at my office. That seems to be happening a lot, lately, honestly. In fact, between yesterday and today two more people put in their notice.

The person who left today, though, was a little different for me. Why? Because I actually hired her 3 years ago.

She filled a position that I was vacating at that time, and I hired her against some of the input of a few other people. But I was sure she was perfect for the job - and I was right. She took on the job, made it bigger than it had been, and proceeded to take on multiple other tasks along the way.

Of course, the longer she stayed and the better she did, the more marketable her skills became. Which is why, when she interviewed for a job at another company that would capitalize on those skills, they snapped her up in a heartbeat.

I kind of want to go to that other company (it's only about a mile away from my office) and tell them how lucky they are to have her.

In the meantime, though, I simply made sure to go out to lunch with her today, and then walked out to the parking lot with her at the end of the day for one last parking lot conversation. (Since we've been walking out to our cars together and chatting for most of the past 3 years.)

Hiring theory says that you shouldn't hire friends. But it sure is nice when you hire someone you've never met and get a new friend in the bargain.

On a not unrelated note: Work tomorrow is going to suck. 

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