Sunday, July 6, 2014

When the Reason Goes Away

I never know what to do when I'm watching a TV show and the person I really like goes away.

It's bad enough when it's a scripted TV show and there are other characters that you can kind of shift your attention to. But, lately, I've also been having issues with people getting bumped off of the only reality shows I watch.

There are only two reality shows I always watch: The Amazing Race and Food Network Star. (Before Christopher says anything, I'll fully admit that I watch other reality shows - just not all the time. And not usually long enough to really get attached to any of the characters.)

This season I've been having this problem with Food Network Star. I keep watching people I really don't like - and would never watch on their own shows - go forward, while people I like get sent home.

And, as of this week, I'm getting to the "Is there enough reason to keep watching?" stage.

So... With the primary reason to watch the show gone, how do I reasonably justify continuing to watch it?

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