Friday, January 1, 2016

One Resolution Kept By Breaking Tradition

Last year, at the end of December, I made a vow to break a tradition I had somehow inadvertently started prior to that.

I refuse to say what it was - I don't want to jinx it - but here's the post from last year:

I'm happy to say that, this year, I spent a ton of money on my car earlier in the month, and - thus - was able to break that unstated tradition.

That got me thinking, though. Perhaps I should make more anti-resolutions for 2016. I've decided I'm going to go with:

I resolve not to complain if I am the recipient of a huge lottery win in 2016. 

And I think I should stop there. After all, maybe making too many resolutions in the past has watered them all down, and making only one last year is what allowed the resolution's energy to be focused and come true.

I'll let you know how this turns out in about 365 days.