Sunday, February 10, 2019

Pre-Valentine's Day, but mid-cold

I'd love to blame the Polar Vortex for the lack of post last week, but it went back up to the Pole a couple of weeks ago. 

Unfortunately, Christopher has been battling a cold-type thing since before Christmas. And in the past few weeks the cold has decided that maybe it should try tackling me, as well. So, while we were battling the windchills of -50 degrees a week and a half ago, and then two days of major snow this week, we've been cheering ourselves if we can stay awake until 9pm. 

I thought about taking a photo of a shopping bag filled with Milk, Bread, and Toilet paper to commemorate the weather. But decided that was more Baltimore than Minneapolis. 

So today - as I'm feeling a little bit more back to normal - I decided to push forward with some traditional Valentine's Day cookies. Or at least they're traditional for my family. 

These are made with a basic sugar cookie (you can use a family recipe, or just some of the ones you can buy in the grocery store), and then an even more basic frosting (margarine, milk, and powdered sugar), which I pipe on using the frosting gun I used for the brownie bites

And, yes, these will mostly be getting shipped. Not in the "wreath" style of most of my cookies - because they'd stick together - but in layers separated by waxed paper. 

They're not the prettiest cookies you'll probably see this week, but they make me happy - and hopefully will make their recipients happy, as well. 

Hopefully we'll back on our feet - and I'll be back to blogging - in the immediate future. 


Is there a comfort food that gets you through when you're under the weather? Anything I should know about?