Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Food - Fake Fruit

This has been a very odd week. And, because you don't want to start a week out on a strange note and then have it taper off to nothing, I'm happy to say that the weekend promises to be a bit surreal, as well.

You see, Christopher and I agreed - a few weeks ago - to have our house used this weekend for the filming of a short independent film. (No, it's not a porn flick, even though I realize that it does sound a little like that.) (Really. We've seen the costumes. This is *so* not porn.)

The director did a walkthrough a couple weeks ago, and last Friday he brought in a few other people to look at the house again. I have to admit that, yes, it's kind of exciting that this is happening. I have to also admit that, yes, it was very weird to come home from work to find that about 25% of our house now looks like it was decorated by... well... I dunno who. I mean, it's straight out of the 70s at the moment, without being really 70s looking. And there are kids' paintings on the fridge. And our Ben Cohen calendar is gone, which is - frankly - quite depressing. (No. Really. This is Ben Cohen and his anti-bullying foundation - go look and you'll understand why it's odd not seeing the calendar on the side of the fridge.)

And, well, there are bowls of fake grapes all over the place.

Now, I fully admit that I lived through the 70s. I dealt with the Harvest Gold and the Avocado Green. And I know people who - to this day - still have fake fruit around the house.

But I don't believe I've ever seen just fake grapes everywhere. I seem to remember big footed bowls of mixed fruit. Always with pears or apples, and usually at least one banana. Not sure why, but there pretty much always was at least that one banana. Maybe it was because the designs needed something linear. (Yeah. Sure. We'll go with that.)

Our house currently has no fake banana. Also no fake pears or apples. But 2 bowls - and one really ugly pedestalled thing - filled with fake grapes. Not even convincing fake grapes, but the bad ugly ones.

I really don't know much about the film that's being done - except that it's taking place in our house and our backyard and someone else's garage workshop - but I do know that the grapes are going to have to act their hearts out for anyone to believe them.

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