Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nine Hundred and Ninety-four - Planting for the Future

In the same way that I've been thinking about what this blog might be in the next thousand posts, Christopher and I have been doing some work on the "curb appeal" around the house.

Last year, we had the 50-year-old evergreens torn out. We hired our "yard guy" to do it for us, because we knew it would be a bugger. And, yet, when he got done he commented that it was really a bugger. (And who is the professional in this?)

So we re-defined the planting beds, and then put in some anchor plants. Hydrangea "trees" on the outside edges of the house, and a small set of evergreens on the actual corner of the house. And we mulched everything else.

Last summer, I put in some small plantings, just so it didn't look barren. And we wanted some time to decide exactly what we wanted to do. So we went to the garden store, yesterday. Where, after two hours of wandering and pushing a great big cart, we paid quite a lot of money and filled the back of the car with grasses and peonies and a few other assorted things.

Five or so hours after we got home, we had everything in the ground. A nice gathering of peonies on the northwest edge of the house near the hydrangea, with grasses between the front windows. And an alternating set-up of grasses and peonies along the side of the house. We've planted for "visual interest" as well as - hopefully - practicality, since we want everything to just fill in and self-maintain.

Which is what I guess I kind of always hope that my blog is doing/will do.

Here's to seeing what all of them look like in two or three years' time.


Dragonfly said...

sounds pretty. My hydrangeas are blooming wild with no help from me. Lantana is kind of taking over my backyard but the butterflies seem to like it.

Robin said...

Post a picture?