Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wallflowers Wednesday - Episode 5

Alright... Since no one asked questions after last week, I decided we should do this, again.

Today's "Wallflowers" episode is Episode #5. It's longer than the rest - and a little darker (both in tone, and in lighting). Even so, to me, this snarky, sad, joyous, wistful, ridiculous episode is pretty much what a great evening at home with friends is supposed to be like - conversation, challenge, and togetherness. (Granted, to be brutally, boringly, honest, no gathering in my home would ever include the pot smoking. Although... knowing some of our friends, much of the conversation might have happened along the way even without it...)

So, yes, some of you will want to be wary of the language and smoking in the episode, but if you have issues with that just ignore it and pay attention to everything else. I defy you to not identify with at least two of the characters at least once or twice in the episode. (And, yes, I still want Bryce's hair.)


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