Friday, May 10, 2013

Write, Delete, Write. Repeat.

I'm having one of those days/weeks where I seem to constantly second guess what I'm doing.

Do I really want to wear this shirt, today? (Nope, take it off and reach for something else.)

Is that really what I want to take for lunch? (Nope, give up and decide you're going to buy something, instead.)

Should I stay and do the dishes, or will that make me late? (Don't do them, you'll be late.) (Oh, but how 'bout just one dish? Or a few more?)

How about writing a blog post about what you're watching on TV? (Nah. Boring topic.)

What about one that talks about some of the funny things you've been finding at work, lately? (Hmm... For that I'd need to get some direct quotes, so maybe next time.)

Why not discuss something like belated birthdays, or Mother's Day ads, or finding that the stores are already in full summer swing, when we've only been in spring for about a week? (Just not feeling those.)

So I keep writing the starts of posts - if I even get that far, and then deleting them and moving on to the next one.

Wednesday's post was easy - it was about something that happened (in essence) that day. I think I only delete the first couple of lines once before moving forward.

Perhaps a good night's sleep will help. If only I could stop trying to figure out what to blog about and go to bed...

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