Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nine Nine Five - What a Difference a Year Makes

I'm currently counting down my final three hours of being 45. I've been trying to figure out what to say about the past year and it dawned on me that while we're dealing with the cold, grey, damp spring/summer this year, last year at this time Christopher and I were down in Key West trying not to melt. 

Overall, I know that that doesn't really summarize the past year. I mean... There were all sorts of highs and lows in the past year... one week in Florida twelve months ago doesn't equate to a full year's activity.

We were eating great food, going places we'd never been, playing tourist, being social, and spending a lot of one-on-one time together. And... hmm... ya know... maybe that does kind of summarize the past year of my life, when you come right down to it.

But, at the same time, the difference between it being so freakin' hot in Key West that we basically just went back to our room and fell onto the bed under the air conditioning each afternoon last year -- and the fact that this year I feel like I might be coming down with a cold after spending too much time trying to work in the yard while it was drizzling last weekend is just a tad extreme.

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