Friday, May 3, 2013

Time Shift

I've realized, recently, that the worst thing about the weird weather isn't the fact that I'm still driving to work during white-out snow conditions in May.

It's not even that I've only worn shorts twice so far this year.

The worst part is that, since we really haven't had spring, yet, by the time it finally rolls around it will already be mid-May.

And then, if the weather follows the past few years, we'll be in summer by mid-June.

This means that winter - which typically (at least mentally) only lasts until March or April, will have lasted an extra two months.

I'm sure that if the weather patterns stay like this for the next few years, we'll all get used to it and re-adjust. But, for now, I find myself looking at the temperature and watching the frozen precip fall, and thinking that we must still be in March.

This is, obviously, why the year seems to go so quickly.

And, no matter how you look at it, it kind of sucks.

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