Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Wallflowers" Wednesday

Are you watching "Wallflowers" - the web series - yet? If not, why are you not watching it?

It's an amazing little show. Each 15-minute episode is a look into the lives of a group of hopefulllessly single New Yorkers, just trying to get through the day.

The first episode (which - I think - I've actually gotten to link in at the bottom of this post!) starts out in a kind of "daters anonymous" group meeting, which is led by the oddly ominous Janice. And it's there that we meet Bryce, Victoria, Martin, and much of the rest of the core cast. Our other primary location? Bryce's office, populated by people who could probably make life great (if you worked with them) or hell (if you needed them to do something they didn't want to do).

It's a comedy, sure, but it's also a little more serious than that. The characters obviously (to us, at least) like each other. They just don't want to admit it. At least not to each other.

There have been four episodes, so far - plus a nifty little teaser between episodes 3 and 4 to explain the recasting of one of the main characters. (One of the problems with a web series is that good actors - and this series is filled with great actors - occasionally have to take other jobs to do things like pay the bills. This isn't a problem with most TV series, partially because the pay is usually better. Partially because the actors usually aren't.)

Anyway... There have been four episodes and the teaser (if you choose to watch it), so far, and so even if you watch them all at once that's only about an hours' worth of TV. And there aren't any commercials, so you're not committing a ton of time to it. Although - trust me - you wouldn't mind committing more time to it.

I have found myself at the end of each episode wanting to know more about these characters. Wishing that I could hang out with (most of) them. Hoping to get to know them better - though not too much better.

And, although you really ought to start with episode 1 (below) so that you can get a good feel for the characters, I will say that if you've ever had one of those blind dates, you're absolutely going to love episode 4. (If you've never worked with an embedded video [Hi, Mom and Dad!] you can click on the arrow in the middle of that image for "Play" and if you want to enlarge it, you can click on the little "square" in the lower-right corner of that image, as well.)

Once you watch that one, you can find out a lot more about the show - and find the other episodes - at (Or if any of you need me to put up links to the other episodes, just let me know in the comments on this post and I'll do that for you!)

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