Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 3 - Pizza

So today is kind of day 4, but also kind of day 3 after my minor oral surgery. Since it happened on Monday afternoon, that means that the 3rd full day ended this afternoon. I was warned that the swelling would be at its worst at about the 72-hour mark, and since I've made it past that, I'm pretty happy.

I almost sneezed this morning just after I woke up, but I got it to stop. And I really wanted to blow my nose after walking the dog yesterday afternoon, but I didn't do that, either.

And tonight, since it was more than 3 days after surgery, we had pizza for dinner.

Even though I was told on Monday that the definition of "soft food" was anything that you could cut with the side of a fork, I've been trying to be really cautious. I've eaten a bunch of yogurt and ice cream this week. (Good thing I don't have issues with dairy!) And for lunch I've had a couple of different tortilla wraps (yesterday's was filled with mushed-up avocado).

But, aside form a foray into some blue box Mac & Cheese on Tuesday night, and some mashed potatoes for lunch, pretty much all of the soft foods I've been able to find have been on the sweet side. Think about it for a moment. What kinds of soft foods can you think of that aren't sweet?

After you get past pasta and mashed potatoes - oh, and eggs, but Christopher and I kind of had an egg fest last week/weekend, so I really wasn't looking for more of those this week - there's not much soft savory food. There's ice cream and pudding and Jell-o and applesauce and oatmeal and Cream of Wheat and bananas and yoghurt. Not a savory in the bunch.

Which means that by today, the first day when I could try less-soft food and not worry as much about the stitches in my jaw, I was really craving something with spices, and not just sugars. So we ordered pizza.

I cut really small pieces with the side of my fork. I stuck to the pieces that weren't too crunchy. I chewed almost exclusively on the right side of my mouth. And it was good.

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