Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 9 - Thai

I realized that I hadn't updated you on my jaw, lately. In part, I have to admit, because there's not much to update. It's rather annoyingly just... there.

I saw the oral surgeon on Monday, in what will - apparently - become a weekly "date" for the foreseeable future, and found out that I didn't have anything exotic going on at the back of my jaw. Just a chronic inflammation/infection which has apparently been going on for... well... no longer than 5 years, at least. (Who knew that was possible?)

Stitches are still there - and still itching, because that's what stitches do when you're healing. Still have to take all the antibiotics and use the weird mouth rinse. Still can only brush "the teeth and not the gums" up there, and - here's something you don't hear every day - shouldn't floss in that area at all.

Oh - and I'm still not allowed to blow my nose, use a straw, or sneeze until at least April.

But, thankfully, I am now able to eat pretty much anything I want. I mean... it's a good idea for me to stay away from seeds and nuts and things that could get stuck in my stitches, but I'm back on solid food. Christopher took me out for a burger on Monday night to celebrate. It was the best burger I've had in a really long time.

(I should also say - credit where credit is due - that after Christopher was out for a while on Sunday, he surprised me with a Shamrock Shake - and a spoon - because he knows that I've been feeling kind of down about all of this stuff. Yeah. He's a keeper.)

Tonight, with my folks in town, we went out for Thai food. Which was a little odd because I usually get Pad Thai, but that comes with ground peanuts on top, so I had to skip that. And I almost started to use my straw before I realized it. But the meal was good, even so.

And... hey... I'm almost halfway to my next check-up. Woo-hoo.

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