Friday, March 28, 2014

When the Ads are Full of Minuses

Is it just me, or are most of the TV ads this year really kind of wonky?

I keep seeing all these ads talking about getting out and enjoying the spring weather. While it's snowing.

I'm seeing ads for swimsuits, when the only water outside is frozen.

And now there are all sorts of gardening ads, when I still can't even get into the backyard because there is still a two-foot mound of snow between the back door and the planting beds.

Yes, I know that the ads are set out nationally, so they may apply in some places.

And, yes, I know that in some cases we're supposed to be planning ahead for the spring and summer (as in "start planning your garden now" or "plant your starter seeds now" or "buy the swimsuit and start losing weight so you can fit into it now").

But there are days when it kind of feels like the advertisers are mocking us all, complete with thumb to nose and tongue out.

I have heard a couple of ads, though, where reference is made to winter never leaving, and spring being late. And, you know, those are the companies I plan to shop at - at least for the next couple of weeks until the weather catches up to the rest of the ads.

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