Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Just Breathe

I know that I said I'd be re-launching my blog, and then I've been really bad and simply been uploading a bunch of posts that already went up on But, in my defense, things have been a tad crazy, lately. (And, yes, I probably should have waited a month or so to re-start.)

First, let me offer you a bit of an explanation on my recent absence and reappearance.

A large part of my disappearance came from two things: A laptop computer that hasn't been wanting to play nice, and a wedding that just didn't want to plan itself.

My reappearance is coming, in part, due to the fact that the company I've been working for for over seven years has been purchased and I'll be out of a job one day shy of my seven-year full-time anniversary (I was here for 4 months part-time, first).

As cosmic life would have it, the wedding and the job loss are happening... basically... in the same weekend. (The job actually ends during the time that I was already planning to take off around the wedding.)

While I wanted to restart the blog, I also needed to work on creating a personal website (and wrap up everything at work - and prep for the wedding) and realized during the past few weeks that my brain only has so much planning capacity, and I needed a bit longer break. 

I've started to lean on a "Just breathe" mantra from time to time. You know, like Drew Barrymore's "Cinderella" character in Ever After.

Please forgive me as I take a little longer to breathe. I promise I'll be back together, dressed, and ready for the ball, soon.

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