Friday, September 16, 2016

The 32th Reason Why the World Needs Editors and Proofreaders

As many of you know - or may have noticed over time - I typically have been writing about food on Fridays. And I was all ready to write about the latest meals from HelloFresh when I started watching last weekend's CBS Sunday Morning this afternoon. (Yes... I watch it on the wrong day - and frequently even the wrong time of day...)

I was about 3/4 of the way through it when I looked up and saw this on the screen:

If you look at what birthday Prince Harry is supposed to be celebrating on September 15th, you'll see that someone at CBS decided that he was celebrating his "thirty-twoth" birthday.


His what?

At first, I assumed I had misread it. I backed the recording up and checked again. Then I took that photo of the screen to make sure it wasn't just something I was imagining.

Is this something that only royals get to do? Does it actually have nothing to do with the date of his birth, but instead something to do with his final wisdom tooth coming in? Or were we simply all being invited to more closely scrutinize the photo of Harry, just because we could?

Rest assured that Charles Osgood did refer to Harry's "thirty-second" birthday in the voiceover.  But I was too fixated on the screen (and the font, for that matter) to really pay attention.

I went to their Facebook page to see what had become of this, but only one comment has been made. And, coincidentally, the photo they posted on their newsfeed had no number at all on the Thursday panel - just "THU" at the top, Harry in the middle, and "15" at the bottom. Not sure why they couldn't just change the "th" to "nd"...

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy that someone noticed the error and it got taken down. I also hope that they have hired a proofreader in the meantime. (I also really hope that whoever let that one go through didn't get fired, but will instead forever have to deal with big yearly events with the wrong ordinal marker on them, such as "Happy 31nd Birthday!" or "Happy 7st Anniversary!")

(And, well, if they still need to fill that position, I'm available - and can be contacted through the link at the bottom of the page.)

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