Friday, April 7, 2017

Peeps Oreos - Because (You Knew This) I Had To

Unless you've been completely avoiding grocery stores, convenience stores, general stores, and social media for the past couple of months, you probably know that Oreos have come out with a "Peeps" version this year.

Yes, that's right, the kind of Peeps that get made into Easter dioramas when they're not being enjoyed for their overly sugared marshmallow-y goodness.

Now, I'll admit that I prefer the sugar coating-to-marshmallow ration of the Peeps bunnies, instead of the chicks, so I kind of wondered how that would all translate to the Oreos.

I've seen people talking about them and complaining about how they're overly sugary, and that they turn your mouth pink (and, apparently, turn your toilet pink the next day), but I decided I had to go for it.

The package - as with any of the specialty Oreos - is smaller than an average package. (I think someone in R&D at Nabisco was smart enough to realize that most people are going at them for the novelty, and not to eat a full-size package of the latest craze.)

I fully admit that one of my bits of confusion with these comes from the packaging. What is "Marshmallow PEEPS FLAVOR CREME"? Why is it "Creme" instead of "Cream" (or just "filling," for that matter)? I could see them saying, in a slightly more grammatical version, "Marshmallow Peeps-flavored Cream" but what is "PEEPS FLAVOR CREME"?

I decided the best way to get over this was to open the packaging so that I could no longer see the print.

I'm not entirely certain I was ready for the neon.

Before I took a bite, I wanted to know just how much pink I was in for. After all, "regular" Peeps only have color on the outside (from the colored sugar coating) - the interior is white.

No such luck with these. They are highlighter pink throughout.

The taste... well... I must admit that I had heard so many horrible things, that my expectations were pretty low. After all, when your most sugar-addicted friend says "They are WAY too sweet!" (someone in Seattle knows I'm talking about her) you have to wonder.

But... with both Oreo and Peep in their DNA, I was actually not nearly as shocked as I expected I'd be. Yes, the filling is sweeter than regular Oreo filling. Yes, there seem to be sugar crystals in the filling that give it a slight bite (reminiscent of biting into a Peep). But, no, they weren't any worse than I expected.

Of course there is one other topic I have to address: the dye.

At least for part one of this experiment, yes, it did color my tongue bright pink. (You'll forgive me if I don't share what I find tomorrow about the rest.)

Here's my major takeaway from this foray into the fluorescent: They're not bad in small amounts, but even a small package is way too many. I mean... I can power through a good third of a package of regular (or Double-Stuf) Oreos, but after two of these I was pretty much ready to stop, take photos, and write a blog post.

Oh, and there's one other thing about these: their flavor seems to linger. It's not a bad aftertaste, or anything, it's just kind of a diminishing return on sweet marshmallows as time passes. (I would imagine this would be horrible for you, though, if you didn't like them in the first place.)

Am I glad I tried them? Yep. They were fun.

Will I buy them again? (Given that they'll be going away by Easter and probably won't be back until at least next year - if they come back...) I'm not entirely sure. I think I might stick to "regular" Peeps, instead.

Yay! Bunnies!

(I promise to be back to posting about real food, soon. So if you have a recipe you'd like me to try out, send it my way and I'll look into it!)

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