Thursday, October 11, 2012

Celebrate the Month of Ned with Me!

As you may have heard, today is National Empty the Closet Day. Hurrah!

Okay. No. It's not "National Empty the Closet Day." Or at least not that I know of. (And how do some of these "National" days get their designations, anyway?)

It is, however, National Coming Out Day. Happily, I didn't really have to celebrate it with much fanfare this year, since I'm pretty sure everyone who's paying attention to my life already knows that I'm gay.

So, instead, I'm looking at today as a great day to clean out the closet. After all, it's fall, and there's the whole change of seasons going on, and what better time is there to start shuffling out some clothing? (And bringing it all out of the closet, so to speak.)

Honestly, I started celebrating this a couple of weeks ago and I just haven't gotten the stuff all taken out to be donated. So maybe I should call this "National Empty the Closet Month" or... well... "National Empty The Closet Month In The Mystical Realm Of The Bedroom Where All My Clothes Are If You Can Call That A Nation." Which, of course, would have the nifty acronym of "NETCMITMROTBWAMCAIYCCTAN" (pronounced "Ned" because the "CMITMROTBWAMCAIYCCTAN" is silent, obviously).

(Oh. Look. I think I spelled something in Welsh! Or Irish Gaelic! Or maybe Finnish!)


Since this is the celebratory month of Ned, I do, in fact, have a whole big trash bag (no longer usable for yard waste, but that's a different story) all set and ready to go to charity. (Personally, I'm donating them to Youthlink, which is a local resource for teens and young adults dealing with homelessness.)

I'm pretty sure that taking out a bunch of gently-used, clean clothing which I no longer need will probably leave me feeling pretty good. Happy, you know. Perhaps even a bit gay.

Seems appropriate on a day like today, doesn't it?

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