Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Random Tuesday Things

This is my third attempted blog post for the evening. Hopefully I'll make it far enough in this one to decide to actually upload it.

Since I don't seem to be able to create a coherent "long form" post, I'm going for some seriously random stuff. It's been that kind of week. Not a good thing, since it's only Tuesday.

 - Christopher is down with a summer cold, which - according to the friends who have had it - could stick around for a while. They're suggesting that I should move out until it's gone. (I won't be doing that. Although I have started taking a lot of "Airborne.")

 - I had some of the leftover Confetti Salad for dinner last night, and I have to admit that it was still pretty darned good - although it's getting a little watery, which I assume is due to the tomatoes, although I'm not sure. I figure it's only got another day or so of life in it, so we'll try it again tomorrow night (maybe). I didn't have any tonight because I opted to make a modified spaghetti carbonara for Christopher, and they just didn't seem to pair well together.

 - Someone at work brought in the new "Watermelon" Oreos, yesterday. They're horrible. Possibly the most disgusting mass-market pastry I have ever had. I thought that, maybe, the vanilla cookie with the kind of "Jolly Rancher" watermelon filling was the problem. So I tried some of the filling by itself. If I had been at home, I totally would have spit it out. I think the fine folks at Oreo really need to stay away from the fruit flavors.

 - I really need to stop talking about food. I've got a physical tomorrow for which I'm "fasting" for 12 hours. Nothing but water until after they draw my blood to tell me that I have high cholesterol. (Yes, I assume that's a given.) And right now I am totally craving regular Oreos and a large glass of milk.

 - After my physical tomorrow I plan to stop at the McDonald's next door to the clinic and either get an Egg McMuffin or an Apple Pie (depending on whether I'm done while they're still serving breakfast). Yes, I realize this could be part of the cholesterol situation.

Dang. I'm talking about food again. Perhaps I should just post this and be done with it before I mention the new "Peanut Butter" PopTarts I bought today, which I'm excited to try sometime when I'm not fasting... Oh. Too late.

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