Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy HallowGivingStmas! (?)

I was out shopping during my lunch, yesterday - which, with our office in it's new location, I can now sort of do.

I say "sort of" because, by the time I walk anywhere that I want to shop, I've already killed almost 15 minutes of my 30-minute lunch, so I kind of need to turn around and go back to work. But, anyway...

I was out shopping during my lunch, yesterday, and was in the Macy's in downtown Minneapolis, where I found that their entire kitchen area is currently decorated for Christmas.

Now, aside from the fact that we're not even past Halloween, yet, I'm a little bothered by the idea that they've jumped directly to Christmas. I mean... We have a whole other holiday in the middle, yet. And... you know... you'd think a kitchen store - or at least the kitchen portion of a department store - might kind of want to focus on the biggest food holiday of the year.

But, you know, no one asked me.

So, instead, I welcome you to the eve of the first day of the new 56-day HallowGivingStmas.

May it be full of... geez... I dunno... carved pumpkins filled with stuffing hanging by the chimney with care. Or something.

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Robin said...

lol Costco is filled with holiday spirit already. Had to look around it to find the huge bags of candy for Halloween.